We hope that you enjoyed being at Toad Hollow Today

It was fantastic seeing so many enjoying being back out and enjoying field archery once more

If it was your first time at our ground then we certainly hope it won’t be your last visit and we get the opportunity to welcome you all again,  all covid fingers crossed at our August weekend shoot

Here are the results listed below,  If you are one of the archers listed as 1st,  2nd,  or 3rd  place in your class congratulations

As you know Covid made us not hold our usual prize awards after the shoot ended, because of the staggered start times and the wish to avoid too many people in too small an area, this was not possible today

If you have won a medal,  and although I do have most email addresses I cannot email medals yet,  could you please email me your name and address and soon I will get them in the post

email to ian@toadhollowarchers.org

We Toads hope to see you again in August

American Flat Bow    
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
StephenHintonAmerican Flat Bow Adult Gent49431st
StephenMossAmerican Flat Bow Adult Gent47022nd
ChrisWinstoneAmerican Flat Bow Adult Gent41813rd
PeterWoolcockAmerican Flat Bow Adult Gent246  
SophieTwigAmerican Flat Bow Adult Lady442 1st
SarahRichardsAmerican Flat Bow Adult Lady41812nd
AngieBoltAmerican Flat Bow Adult Lady40623rd
JaineWhitfordAmerican Flat Bow Adult Lady336  
KieranButtAmerican Flat Bow U 16 Boy238 1st
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
TonyYoungBarebow Adult Gent60241st
RobGilbertBarebow Adult Gent55452nd
DavidJefferyBarebow Adult Gent54613rd
PastyCaineBarebow Adult Gent5246 
MartinAxfordBarebow Adult Gent5021 
ChrisAclandBarebow Adult Gent4902 
JimStartBarebow Adult Gent406  
IsobellaJefferyBarebow U 16 Girl45041st
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
TrevorWalterBowhunter Adult Gent59641st
SteveDaleBowhunter Adult Gent58242nd
JaneWalterBowhunter Adult LadyNC  
Compound Limited    
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
OliSkuseCompound Limited Adult Gent66681st
RayDayCompound Limited Adult Gent44652nd
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
ChrisPleasantsFreestyle Adult Gent66881st
JohnReadFreestyle Adult Gent56432nd
ScottWayFreestyle Adult Gent53223rd
AndrewParkinsonFreestyle Adult Gent4281 
DavidHayterFreestyle Adult Gent388  
DaveHowellFreestyle Adult GentNC  
PennyKennedyFreestyle Adult Lady56041st
Hunting Tackle    
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
SteveHipgraveHunting Tackle Adult Gent56231st
DaveAndrewsHunting Tackle Adult Gent47632nd
DavidFryerHunting Tackle Adult Gent46813rd
GrahamHatchHunting Tackle Adult Gent464  
DavidMooreHunting Tackle Adult Gent412  
MikeBurkeHunting Tackle Adult Gent3862 
BobEdwardsHunting Tackle Adult Gent336  
RaeGulliverHunting Tackle Adult Lady484 1st
AlayneD’AtomaHunting Tackle Adult Lady46232nd
LucyGilbertHunting Tackle Adult Lady22613rd
JakeWinstoneHunting Tackle U 16 Boy29621st
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
TonyVowdenLongbow Adult Gent49411st
BobScottLongbow Adult Gent48022nd
DarylButtLongbow Adult Gent47613rd
AlanTurnerLongbow Adult Gent3981 
SimonPlattenLongbow Adult Gent398  
WillPlattenLongbow U 12 Boy40021st
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
NickHawkenPrimitive Adult Gent47621st
Traditional Bow Hunter    
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
AndrewSheltonTBH Adult Gent54641st
RobTwiggTBH Adult Gent54232nd
MarkBleazardTBH Adult Gent54033rd
RalphPorteusTBH Adult Gent4983 
BruceSwattonTBH Adult Gent4841 
RichardGrantTBH Adult Gent4462 
JohnPamplinTBH Adult Gent404  
MikeBatesTBH Adult Gent3601 
OscarSheltonTBH U 12 Boy474 1st
LachlanFoxTBH U 12 Boy44412nd
ArchieGilbertTBH U 16 Boy470 1st
Fore NameSurnameStyleScore24xPosition
TrevorVanstoneUnlimited Adult Gent728101st
MikePenroseUnlimited Adult Gent69292nd
PaulInkpenUnlimited Adult Gent68273rd
ThomasRushbyUnlimited Adult Gent6507 
AlanHearsonUnlimited Adult Gent6267 
HarryBurkeUnlimited U 16 Boy53851st