Please read below before entering

Welcome to Toad Hollow Archers 25th April NFAS Open Shoot

From the 29th March

Formally organised outdoor sports – for adults and under 18s – can also restart and will not be subject to the gatherings limits, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies.

Click the green button to read the extract from policy on roadmap to relax lockdown from 29th March 2021

Hopefully the Covid Pandemic will have settled down by the time this shoot date arrives,  Covid has meant a huge change in the way all of us live of our lives, fingers crossed that by the time our shoot date arrives we will know that the vaccination and this current easing of rules means the shoot can go ahead

But please be aware that this shoot actually taking place will rely on the governments advice and rules in place leading up to the 25th April permitting it to take place, we will also comply with any regulations published by our governing body

Things can and probably will change, at the time of posting this information we are hopefull that the Government rules on organised outdoor sports which are currently that from the 29th March Outdoor Sports Facilities can reopen, details of which can be found above

So that Toad Hollow has enough time to set out the shoot we are guided at the moment by the Prime Minister and Health Ministers roadmap to the easing of the current lockdown timetable as far as we know at this time which is the end of February, so at Toad Hollow we will make an announcement on 14th April with final decision, we truly hope it will be yes, but with Covid things do change rather quickly

With thoughts on Covid, the virus will not have gone away, what hopefully will have happened is that vaccination levels and such restrictions such as lockdown and facemasks etc will have lessened the risk and the illness to a level that sports such as ours can continue.

This shoot is strictly Pre Book – Pre Pay for all entries, 

We do hope that Toad Catering should be available on the day,  this is subject to any Covid requirements that mean we should not cater,  if we are unable to cater we will let you know in advance by email

Prize Giving may or may not be able to take place due to Covid, at the moment we do not know,  if we cannot hold prize giving then we will let you know well in advance what we will be doing

Entry to the shoot will be on the basis that not only will Toad Hollow Archers members abide by those rules but so will our guest archers,  failure to abide by the Covid rules in place on the day of the shoot will mean being removed from the course and Toad Hollow Archers grounds